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GSAf Robert Shackleton Award for Precambrian Research in Africa

The Council of the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf) is pleased to announce the implementation of the Robert Shackleton Award for Outstanding Precambrian Research in Africa. The Council considers this new award to be an appropriate way in which to commemorate the work in Africa of the late Professor Robert Shackleton, an inspiring teacher and mentor of African geologists and a leading pioneer researcher, in particular of the Precambrian geology of the eastern part of the continent. 

The Robert Shackleton Award will be marked by a Certificate and Medal from the Society. It is intended to become the Society's flagship award, to encourage, recognise and reward continuing quality research into the Precambrian geology of Africa. It is open to all paid-up members of the Society (except serving Council members) who are carrying out research on the Precambrian, whether they are based within the continent or elsewhere. Special consideration will, however, be given to African researchers who are based in Africa, to mark achievements often attained under difficult social, political and economic conditions. This is in accord with the objectives of the Society, which include fostering the professional development of African geologists, particularly students, and advancing the study and application of geoscience throughout the continent. 

The Awards Committee comprises Prof. M. Abdelsalam, past President of GSAf (Chairman); Prof. A. Mogessie, present President of the GSAf, Prof.F. Toteu, past President of GSAf and Dr. J.D. Bennett, former Treasurer of GSAf. It invites applications from suitably qualified members, supported by a Proposer and Seconder. The application should be accompanied by the nominee's curriculum vitae, a list of relevant publications and a brief account of the research carried out and its major outputs. The submission should demonstrate clearly and succinctly the aims of the research, the methodologies used, and the scientific and developmental results and benefits. It should also demonstrate the contributions made during the research to the training, mentoring and professional development of students and counterpart scientists. 

Nominations with supporting documentation should be lodged with the GSAf President/Chairman of the Awards Committee at the address given below. The decision of the Committee will be submitted to Council for endorsement. The President will inform the successful applicant. It is hoped that the recipient will be able to receive his or her award in person and present the results of the research at one or other of the Society's two flagship conferences, the Colloquium of African Geology and the GSAf International Conference. (The next Colloquium and GSAf International Conference will be held in Johannesburg, South Africa in 2011).

Applications to be sent to: 
Please send your nomination to:
Prof.Mohamed G. Abdelsalam
Graduate Advisor (Geology and Geophysics)
Missouri University of Science and Technology (MS&T)
Department of Geological Science & Engineering
129 McNutt Hall
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Rolla, MO, 65409573-341-4100