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The International Center for Training and Exchanges in the Geosciences (CIFEG) has introduced a CIFEG Prize in order to honour every two years the contribution of an African student or a young researcher in the field of Earth sciences or Environment, with regard to the social and economic frame of his/her country.

The CIFEG Prize bears the name of the Foundation as a reminder that, since its creation in 1981, CIFEG has been involved in co-operation and support to development, as well as in geoscientific knowledge sharing, most particularly on the African continent.

Objective To distinguish the scientific work and achievements of African geoscientists and to promote them as widely as possible.
Sponsorship CIFEG and the Geological Society of Africa (GSAf), with the support of public or private institutions.
Theme  Research in geosciences and environment in Africa.
Eligibility African students and young researchers.
Doctorate level, PhD or equivalent (significant publications and others).
The eligibility will be evaluated by a jury.
Nomination procedure The candidate should submit his/her nomination form together with:
  • his/her curriculum vitae (3 pages maximum);
  • a sample of the thesis in French or English (or publications, reports, patent or any significant document);
  • an abstract and an extended abstract (in French);
  • a supporting report written by a renowned senior geoscientist with a well established research record.
  • Examination of the proposal by 2 (at least) referees chosen by the jury.
  • Evaluation and award of the prize by the jury.
Jury The jury will be composed of members of CIFEG board of directors, GSAf representatives, donors' representatives, and well-known scientific experts who are recognised for their commitment and contribution to the African geosciences.
Prize award
  • 2,000 (two thousand) euros.
  • Publication of the thesis and dissemination to the African universities and other universities subscribing to PANGEA.
  • Subscription to PANGEA bulletin published by CIFEG (free of charge).
  • Publication of the abridged French version and the extended abstract in PANGEA.
  • Notification of the prize result, together with the French résumé and the extended abstract in JAES (Geological Society of Africa) as well as in Géochronique, IUGS, UNESCO …
Award ceremony The prize will be awarded during the following Colloquium of African Geology.
Nomination form Available here or on the CIFEG website  or upon request to